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GRAPHC offer a comprehensive range of software, data and systems implementation services to health researchers, policy makers, private industry, not-for-profit organisations and the public. Our research consultancy service capabilities include customised online interactive mapping platforms. HealthLandscape Australia Atlases are a collection of interactive web-based mapping tools designed to combine, analyse and display information in ways that promote better understanding of health outcomes and the forces that affect it.

HealthLandscape Australia Atlas Tools can be used to locate local services and regional resources and to create maps from publicly available data sets containing curated data from various sources of demographic, health, socio-economic and environmental information. The Map Themes are presented in in a convenient, central location to help answer questions about and improve co-ordination of health data and allowing users to discover community characteristics and share information.

Click on the desired Project Icons below to launch the HealthLandscape Australia interactive mapping environment.

The HealthLandscape Australia Atlases are living technologies and data repositories. As new resources and context data becomes available, they will be incorporated into the Atlases. {more...}

HealthLandscape Australia Project Atlases:

Note: Several of the HealthLandscape Australia Project Atlases require Authentication. If you need access and believe you have appropriate permission please contact us to set up an account.
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